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Welcome to New Zealand Stamp Images, a site on New Zealand philately: New Zealand postage stamps, airmails and postal history covering the reigns of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, George V and George VI.

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We have articles on topics such as New Zealand first flight covers, blitz perfs, health stamps and the classic New Zealand Queen Victoria stamps, the Chalon heads. There is also a major study of the Horseshoe Route which was set up in June 1940 during World War II and became the major air mail route between the UK and New Zealand until closed after Japan entered the war

Each article illustrates a particular point and sometimes raises questions. In addition, we describe New Zealand's early air mail history through examples of commercial airmail covers, not just first flight covers.

The pages in each article are linked by arrows with other links to enable you to access more information or to follow the article in an order of your choosing.

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The starting page of each article is in bold. Dates refer to creation or last major revision (e.g. including new scans). Recent major revisions are marked new. Minor revisions are made continually.


The full face queens (FFQ, Chalon heads) 5 Jan 15

First sideface
Queen Victoria first sideface, 1874
Second sideface
Queen Victoria second sideface, 1882
First Pictorials
1898 first pictorials, London prints 14 Aug 14
Penny Universal plates
Edward VII
King Edward VII definitives 7 Jun 18
George V
King George V recess printed definitives new 11 Dec 21
1929 Health issue new 1 Dec 23
1935 second Pictorials
1935 second pictorials
George VI
King George VI Definitives 9 Dec 08

Early airmail history

First Airmail

New Zealand airmail stamps:the first issue,1931 new 15 Apr 21

gisborne first flight cover
Experimental internal airmails, 1930-1932
Regular internal airmails 1934 - 1938
aus 31
Connections via Australia and India 1911-1941
new guinea
Experimental Trans-Tasman airmails 1934 - 1938
pan am cover
New Zealand - US and Canada 1926-40 new 21 Jun 23

'Back of the book'


1867 revenues new 1 Jul 21

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