Health 1929-30

The first health stamp was issued in 1929 and there has been an annual issue ever since.

1929 Health 1930 Health

Both the 1929 and 1930 plates were produced by etching and contained 80 stamps in 8 horizontal rows. The stamps were printed at the Government Printing Office, watermarked NZ and star and perforated 14.

The two issues are similar with the 1929 issue inscribed Help stamp out tuberculosis while the 1930 issue has Help promote health.

In these issues, the 1d surcharge is denoted Charity. From 1932 onwards this was changed to Health.

This was the first time that the cost of a New Zealand postage stamp was greater than its postal value. This required a special clause to be added to the 1929 Finance Act. The extra charge went towards supporting health camps.

Numbers sold:

first day cover
1929 Health on Cover

This example of the 1929 1d is postmarked on 11th November 1932 and has a London redirection mark on the back on 21 December.

first day cover

It would miss the sailing of 11 November and be sent Wellington - Sydney on the Maunganui on 18 - 22 November. It would then go by rail from Sydney to Perth and from Fremantle to Colombo on the Maloja on 28 November - 7 December. Colombo - Karachi was by surface. Finally it was flown on the Karachi- London service on 14 - 20 December.

The required franking was 8d. The surface route via North America was faster. The Niagara left Auckland on 15 November and its mail was due in London on 16 December.


Fiftieth anniversary

The fiftieth issue of health stamps was in 1978 and, to celebrate this, the 10c value depicted the original issue of 1929. It was printed in sheets of 100 by Harrison and, along with a 12c value, in miniature sheets of 6.

They were issued on 2 August 1978 and remained on sale until 30 June 1979. Three million 10c stamps were printed in large sheets and there were 275,000 miniature sheets.


The above information is taken from The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Vol 1, published by the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand in 1938. All scans were made by the author.