The Penny Dominion

The design of the Penny Universal was changed in 1909 in recognition that New Zealand was now a Dominion.

1d dominion 1d dominion Two plates of 240 stamps were produced by Perkins Bacon and stamps were issued on 18 November 1909. They were on De la Rue chalk surfaced paper with watermark NZ and star and perforation 14x15.

Stamps overprinted Official were issued in December 1909.

After 1924, there were issues on several different papers.

The stamps were replaced by the King George V Field Marshall in November 1926.

There were two plates which are recorded as 12 and 13 although the numbers did not appear on the plate. Plate 12 was used throughout the issue while plate 13 only occurs on stamps on De La Rue paper.


feather globe top
Plate 12

There are constant flaws on both plates. On plate 12, the feather (R3/1) and globe (R5/24) flaws are best known while another prominent flaw is the missing part of the top frame line (R6/21). They exist on all papers.

qflaw bow split
Plate 13

On plate 13, the Q flaw (R10/19) and the split in the ship's bow (R9/19) are best known. They only exist on stamps on De La Rue paper.

Booklet plates

The first penny Dominion booklet stamps were printed from electrotype plates and were issued in 1910 in booklets along with the Edward VII halfpenny. This was replaced in 1915 by the George V halfpenny.

Abdullah 1d dominion blurred

The appearance of the booklet stamps was less clear than the normal stamps and the plates did not wear well leading to blurred prints as shown in the image. This was solved in 1919 when a steel booklet plate was produced by Perkins Bacon.

The stamps were on De La Rue paper until 1924 when they appeared on Jones paper. After 1925, adverts were printed in the selvedge of the booklet panes. The binding selvedge had Jeyes Fluid adverts while the side selvedges had Abdulla, Dainties, Big Tree and Kaitangata Coal adverts. There were nine different Abdulla cigarette adverts.

Abdullah advert Abdullah advert Abdullah advert Dainties advert

Kodak advert

Booklets with Kodak adverts, all on Cowan paper with reversed watermark, appeared in 1927.


The above information is taken from The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Vol 1, published by the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand in 1938 and Vol 4 in 1964. All scans were made by the author.