Health 1939-1942

The dies and plates of the 1939 to 1942 Health issues were prepared and recess printed by the Australian Note and Stamp Printer, Melbourne.

The designs were by S. Hall. All four issues were on Wiggins Teape paper, watermarked NZ and star. The perforation was comb perf 11.

1939 half 1936

1939 issue

There were two values with one plate for each value, but no plate numbers appeared on the sheets. The plates consisted of 192 stamps organised in four panes of 48. Each pane had 6 rows of 8 and the stamps were issued in sheets of 48.

The stamps were to be issued on October 2, but postage rates were increased the day before issue. The stamps were surcharged at the Government Printing Office, Wellington and issued on October 16.

1940 1940

1940 issue

The design was the same as the 1939 issue with the values changed so that there was no need for a surcharge.

The colour of the 2d was changed.

1939 and 1940 Health Stamps: Postmarked November 1941


Fiji Fiji was added to the Pan American FAM 19 service between Auckland and San Francisco in November 1941, withe the first flight from Auckland leaving on 12 November and arriving in Fiji on 13 November. This cover, postmarked in Auckland on 11 November, was flown on the first flight and is franked with the 1939 and 1940 health stamps. It was backstamped on arrival in Suva on 13 November. It was then return to Auckland by sea.

The cover was franked with 1s 4½d. The airmail rate to Fiji was 1s 3d.

1941 1941

1941 issue

This was the same as the 1940 issue, but overprinted 1941 by the Government Printer in Melbourne. As paper supplies were in short supply due to the war, the unsold stamps from the 1940 issue, together with a small extra printing, were overprinted.

1941 Health Stamps: Postmarked November 1941

Fiji Cover postmarked on 10 November 1941 in Eastbourne, a suburb of Lower Hutt near Wellington. As with the previous cover, it was flown on the first FAM 19 flight to Fiji. It was backstamped on arrival in Suva on 13 November.

The cover was franked with the correct airmail rate to Fiji of 1s 3d.

1942 1942

1942 issue

A new design was used although all other details were the same as in the previous three years.

1942 Health Stamps: Postmarked May 1943

This cover is franked with the 1942 Health stamps and is postmarked on 12 May 1943 and addressed to Malta.

After February 1942, mail to Egypt was only flown from New Zealand to Australia and the rate was 5d.

After being flown to Australia, this cover would be sent by sea to Egypt where a censor mark was applied along with a Cairo transit on 15 June. It would then be sent by sea from Egypt to Malta.

Numbers sold:

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The above information is taken from The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Vol 2, published by the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand in 1950. All scans were made by the author.