Health 1938

The die and the plate were produced by Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. who also recess printed the stamps.


The 1938 design shows children playing on a lawn and the designer was J. Berry.

The stamps cost 2d, 1d for postage and 1d which went towards health camps for children.

The paper was Jones paper watermarked multiple NZ and star and the stamps had a comb perforation of 14 x 13½.

Numbers sold:

Plate block

Plate H1L

A single plate was made and the plate number H1 appears in the third row in both the left and right margins.

Plate H1L Plate H1R

Each sheet had a sheet number in the top right hand corner.

Postmarked on first day of issue 1 October 1938
to Holland

This cover shows the 1938 Health stamp.

It is postmarked in Wellington on 1 October 1938 and addressed to Holland. Although the Empire Airmail Scheme was in operation, it did not apply to non-Empire countries.

The postage rate to Holland was 2s 0d, but this cover is only franked with 1s 11d and so has a T 20 centimes handstamp indicating that there was 2d to pay as it was underpaid by 1d. Perhaps, the sender mistakenly counted the Health stamp as counting for 2d.

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The above information is taken from The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Vol 1, published by the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand in 1938. All scans were made by the author.