Christchurch-Timaru: 10th Anniversary, 1931

New Zealand's first daily air mail service was between Christchurch, Ashburton and Timaru and started on 31 January 1921, run by Canterbury (N.Z.) Aviation. It was not commercially successful and ceased in April.


To mark the 10th Anniversary, a special envelope was produced and signed by Capt. Euan Dickson who had been the pilot on the original service.


Normanton back

The covers were all postmarked on 31 January 1931 in Christchurch, but as there was no air mail service at that time in New Zealand, they were sent to Sydney by sea to be flown by Qantas from Cloncurry to Normanton.

As the 4d postage was sufficient for all Australian airmail services, it is likely that they were flown from Sydney to Brisbane by ANA and then from Brisbane to Cloncurry by Qantas before being flown from Cloncurry to Normanton [1]. They were backstamped on arrival in Normanton on 18 February.

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